A colleague departure: the custom photo collage is a perfect group gift

An office colleague who leaves the company is often the opportunity to threw a going-away party, but also to think of a gift that would please him/her. To get out of the ordinary and offer a lasting memory, why not think of a custom photo collage?

This is a very unique idea, for your friend to remember you, so that he/she keeps with him/her an indelible memory of all the moments spent in good company. Offer him/her a picture where all those faces he/she has seen for many years, with whom he/she has shared so much.

By bringing back this photo collage at home, your departing friend will remember sometimes endless coffee breaks, sometimes giggles between employees. Be sure to provoke emotion by tracing on on single picture a whole professional and friendly career.

Choose as many photos as you want, our team of designers will create a custom collage that will look like a piece of art. You can choose individual portraits of collaborators, group photos, or special situations that you want to immortalize.

To prepare your surprise, and ensure its effect on your friend, do not hesitate to take all the necessary time to select the photos. Do it with the utmost care, do not omit any details, think about everything you have shared with the person who is about to leave.

Ask photos to your other collaborators, browse past events organized within the company. You can also create new situations, with your phone or camera, to immortalize everyone’s smile at the office.

And why not autographed photos? Each employee of the company can write a small personalized word on his/her photo, which then can be scanned.

Once you have selected all the photos you want to see on the custom photo collage, you will have to choose the size, the format, the type of printing and the background color. For the outer frame too, you will have a variety of colors and framing materials.

So give free rein to your imagination, and create a decorative object that will symbolize the merry band of friends that you are.

This custom photo frame, which can gather up to 500 shots, will be entirely designed by us, thanks to our team of professionals. Be sure to offer a gift that matters, which can be used for decoration, and which will be at the same time an eternal source of emotions.

In the office, everyone can participate in the surprise, everyone can bring his/her ideas, and collaborate on the project. The more photos and different situations there will be, the more the final work will be a success. At a glance, by browsing the hundreds of small photos arranged here and there, your friend will see his career in the company unfold in front of his/her eyes.