The concept

Photo collage efotix. concept

A little history

You wonder how efotix. was born?
Simply from the wish to surprise my wife for her 40th birthday. My will was twofold: make a personalized gift and trace our best family memories.

Make a photo album? Too common for my taste because we had already made a few over the years and they found themselves, like many other things, in cupboards, totally forgotten. I wanted my gift to be appreciated as often as possible and produce a real WOW effect to celebrate this event properly. Create a collage with photos printed and hung on a cork? Not very modern, nor original and it would not have been appropriate with our interior decoration. There was the solution to make a photo collage with multi frames but I found that there was almost as much framing as photos and it required too much space to enjoy few photos.

After going through the different options, I couldn’t find any existing concept I liked so I decided to take action. On the basis of a scrapbooking photo frame that we had done by a friend a few years ago, I started to select photos on the web according to the taste of my children to try to make a nice little gift. It took a lot of trial for the size, layout, printing … before finding a good balance. The result was appreciated and so I focused on my main goal, the gift for my wife.

I have selected from among more than 10,000 photos of the first 10 years spent with our children, all our most beautiful pictures of family, life, joy, happiness and funny faces. After dozens of hours, I had several hundred photos available that were very difficult to reduce. At that time, fate wanted that there were very interesting offers on the website concerning frames with photo printing. Banco! I order a 150x100cm size … Yes, it’s huge but I double checked before ordering it and I found a piece of wall to accommodate this frame that was located right next to our dining table. Perfect to enjoy it every day!

I have the frame, the photos, now I just had to create the collage … I have spent so many hours to finalize this piece with more than 500 photos! When I finally was able to offer it to my wife, she burst into tears. I have to admit it was tough not to. This piece revived memories that we tend to forget because of time that flies. Mission accomplished and I was very proud!

This collage stands now in the middle of our living room and will for many years again. It is inescapable when we come into our house. Not a week goes by without one of our family members stopping by and telling an anecdote or just smiles at a funny photo. On the other hand, what I had not measured was the effect this photo collage would have on our surroundings. As soon as we received guests, our collage became subject of conversation: “Where did you do this piece? it’s super original! I would love to have one at home … ”

Due to hearing all these testimonies, efotix. Has been growing in my mind: why not offering everyone the opportunity to enjoy their best moments on a daily basis rather than keeping their photos in albums, a hard drive or a smartphone? Today, we offer you the opportunity to enjoy a unique object totally customized with your photos, a real object of decoration and sharing with your family and friends, what could be better?

As for our brand efotix., it was born of a subtle mix of both words “photo” and “mix” to which we added a “.” at the end in order to bring the Internet dimension and an “e” at the beginning for the symbolic “e-commerce”.
Although inspired by scrapbooking, we decided to name our first photo collage model, Tetrix. This comes from its geometric shapes reminiscent of a famous electronic game of the 80s. Other models of photo collage are currently being tested with consumers to validate their attractiveness and may see the light soon.

Do not waste your time, we are the only ones to offer the creation of custom collage so unique and that can contain so many photos. You want to surprise or simply please yourself, our pictures are made to tell the story of your life, your hobbies, your travels, etc. What are you waiting for?

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Available dimensions

In order to achieve quality collages and maximize the number of photos, we decided that we will not provide small sizes.

Many specialized websites already offer solutions to create by yourself galleries by adding your photos directly. Of course, you will be limited to a maximum of a dozen or twenty photos, and their assembly will be relatively simple.

On our side, the smallest size available is 50x50cm. This already allows to get a frame with 50 different photos, which becomes interesting. Of course, the final number will depend on the photos you send us.

Be aware that according to your choice regarding the printing, all sizes will not be available. You will have to choose on our product sheet the options according to your wishes.

The sizes are as follows:
– Square format: 50x50cm, 70x70cm, 80x80cm, 100x100cm, 110x110cm, 120x120cm.
– Landscape format: 160x90cm, 120x80cm, 150x100cm, 180x120cm, 90x60cm, 160x120cm, 80x60cm, 100x80cm, 60x50cm, 70x50cm, 140x70cm, 180x90cm.
– Portrait format: the same sizes as the landscape but this time in a vertical position.

When ordering, you will need to choose the size and format of your jumble: square, landscape (horizontal) or portrait (vertical).

The 3 important elements to take into account to make your choice are:
– The space available on your wall so as not to create a collage either too big or too small. Your frame will have to occupy the space harmoniously for an optimal rendering.
– The size of the frame that you choose: we advise you to add it to the size of your photo gallery to get an overall idea of the size of your piece.
– The number of photos required: for each size, it is indicated in parentheses, inside of the “Size” option of the product, the number of mandatory photos to provide us to realize your collage.

This last point is essential because it will have a direct impact on the time that you will spend selecting your photos. The more you choose a large size collage, the more you will need to provide us with photos. Do not underestimate this step and we strongly invite you to do this work before placing your order.

Here is for each size, the number of photos that you must imperatively transmit to us otherwise your order will be canceled:

50x50cm : 90 photos
60x50cm : 105 photos
70x50cm : 130 photos
80x60cm : 175 photos
70x70cm : 190 photos
90x60cm : 195 photos
80x80cm : 245 photos
100x80cm : 295 photos
120x80cm : 365 photos
100x100cm : 365 photos
140x70cm : 370 photos
110x110cm : 470 photos
160x90cm : 540 photos
120x120cm : 545 photos
150x100cm : 560 photos
180x90cm : 615 photos
160x120cm : 730 photos
180x120cm : 830 photos

Be aware that all the photos that we ask you will not be on your collage. For example, if you only provide us with landscape images that are very difficult to cut out, there will inevitably be a lot less photos. The number of photos required for each size is necessary so that our designers can select the best of them to create a harmonious blend.

Once you have chosen the size and format of your photo collage, you will also need to select the background color that will be used to separate the photos. We mainly use black because it allows to bring out all the colors of the gallery. However, some of you will want another color so that it is more in harmony with their interior decoration. In this case, simply choose the option “Other color” and you will have to specify this information after your order.

We want to clarify that all our galleries will be surrounded by a margin more or less wide made of the background color that you have chosen. The thickness of this margin is variable depending on the size of your piece and can be different horizontally and vertically. The margin can vary from 0 to 1.8 cm.

We are the only ones in the world to offer such large galleries with such a vast choice of sizes and therefore photos.

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Types of printing

After having selected the size, the format and the bottom of your collage, you will have to choose the type of printing. We have tested several before selecting the prints that we thought were best for an optimal rendering of your gallery. You will have the opportunity to choose from 7 different types of printing that should satisfy the greatest number. This ranges from poster printing, which offers the most attractive price to photo printing under matte or glossy acrylic glass, which will be a real decorative object in your interior.

We would like to point out that the types of printing are not available for all sizes. You will need to select the right combination that best suits your taste, your desires and your budget.

Here, by order of price, the printings that we offer:
(All taxes included)
– Poster printing: from € 78 for a 50 × 50 cm without frame and € 150 with frame.
– Direct printing on Forex: from € 104 for a 50 × 50 cm without frame and € 172 with frame.
– Photo print on Aluminum Dibond: from € 159 for a 50 × 50 cm without frame and € 204 with frame.
– Photo printing under acrylic glass: from € 166 for a 50 × 50 cm without frame and € 237 with frame.

Discover below the specificities of each type of printing.

Poster printing

The simplest supports are often the ones that work the best. Poster printing appeals because Fujicolor Professional Paper Premium Photo Paper captures great moments and keeps their qualities: brilliant colors, exceptional sharpness and an absolute richness of detail make your photo collage unique. And this, for at least 25 years. Very thin and highly transparent, the lamination gives your piece extra protection against UV rays and moisture. Thus, your collage is even more resistant. The finish is only brilliant. Read more

Direct print on Forex

Forex is an expanded PVC material that is both lightweight and stable. Your image directly printed on this support will keep all its authenticity for years. This weather and humidity-resistant support is suitable for hanging indoors and outdoors. In addition of being strong and practical, Forex is also an affordable printing solution. The finish is only matte. We therefore recommend direct printing on Forex to all those who wish to put perfectly in scene their photos in matte, at an affordable price and durably. Read more

Photo print on Aluminum Dibond

The photo is first printed on the finest photo paper before being developed: the Fuji Crystal DP II. The latter deploys an incredibly wide range of colors and resists archiving for at least 75 years. The original photo print is then attached to a 3mm thick solid aluminum plate with a special glue for an added durability. Each print is laminated with a film that effectively protects your photo from sunlight, dirt and splashes. The finish can be matte or glossy to choose from. Read more

Acrylic Photo Print

The printing is done on photo paper manufactured by our partner according to the characteristics of professional papers. The laminating of your photo printing under 2mm thick acrylic glass enhances the qualities of your collage and gives it an extra depth effect. The protective back panel consists of a layer of Aluminum Dibond that is 3mm thick. Your collage is thus both protected and sublimated for a low weight ensuring stability and durability. The light resistance is 15 years. The finish is brilliant. Read more

Original photo print under acrylic glass

The printing is done on a photo paper of the best quality: the Fuji Crystal DP II which is the reference for all types of work and contrasting patterns. Acrylic glass is lightweight, unbreakable and resistant to temperature changes. The glossy acrylic glass lamination greatly enhances the quality of your photo: the brilliance of the colors is enhanced and the effect of depth accentuated. The solid aluminum Dibond rear panel is extremely stable. The resistance to light is 75 years. The finish can be matte or glossy. Read more

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The different frames

To finalize your collage in the most beautiful way, frame it to make it a true object of art. We offer 6 different frames that have a variable availability depending on the type of printing you have chosen. Modern, contemporary, traditional … you will inevitably find the frame that will best suit your interior. Depending on the type of frame, you can choose from several colors that will personalize even more your photo collage.

Our partner WhiteWall will also take care of this step to ensure the entire production of your piece and ensure a final rendering of high quality.

Here, by order of price, the frames that we offer:
(All taxes included)
– 10mm aluminum frame: from € 150 for a 60 × 50 cm, only available for poster printing.
– ArtBox in solid wood: from € 173 for a 50 × 50 cm, available except for print poster.
– ArtBox in aluminum: from € 184 for a 50 × 50 cm, available except for poster and forex printing.
– Gallery frame: from € 188 for a 50 × 50 cm, available except for print poster.
– Floater frame: from € 221 for a 50 × 50 cm, available except for print poster.

The available frames also depend on the sizes you choose.

Discover below the specificities of each type of frame.

© Copyright WhiteWall - Floater frame
Floater frame
The collage and frame are separated by an inner rim of 7 mm wide. This rim visually demarcates the picture of the frame and makes it float. Read more
© Copyright WhiteWall - Aluminum Artbox
Artbox in aluminum
This frame contributes to the modernity taking shape. While the thin lines without borders avoid distracting attention from the collage, depth gives it a look of minimalist object. Read more
© Copyright WhiteWall - Solid Wood Artbox
Solid wood Artbox
This solid wood frame impresses with the combination of its classic material and a modern form language with a pronounced depth of 35mm. Read more
© Copyright WhiteWall - Aluminium frame
Aluminum frame
The aluminum frame gives a modern and refined style. It is accompanied by a flat glass with rounded edges and a back panel made of hard fibers. Read more
© Copyright WhiteWall - Gallery frame
Gallery frame
With this high-quality solid wood straight profile frame, your collage gains in beauty. You can choose from 4 colors for 3 types of prints. Read more
© Copyright WhiteWall - Slimline border
Slimline border
Aluminum encasement: the perfect finish for your acrylic images. Your collage is adorned with a clear and discreet finish with an aluminum look. Read more
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Selecting/Transferring photos

To be able to make your collage, you will have to select your most beautiful photos. Of course, you can decide to make a piece of whatever the subject you want to highlight: family, event (birthday, wedding, retirement …), travel, hobby, etc. You have a wide range of choices!

We strongly advise you to select your photos before ordering on our website. Indeed, your payment will be charged immediately when your order and the delivery time of 4 weeks only applies from the validation of your photos by our teams. It is then better to proceed step by step.

Do not underestimate this selection step because it takes time. Also, think when choosing the size of your jumble to take into account the time needed to choose your best photos. As a reminder, all the photos you send us will not be used.

It is essential that your photos are quality: beautiful photos will make a beautiful collage. Otherwise, you may be disappointed when you receive your piece. Our designers will use your photos as they are and will not make any improvements. Avoid any blurred photos, against day, with red eyes, etc. You will then easily understand that this requires a real effort to carefully select your photos.

Here are the rules to follow so that our teams can validate your order and launch the creation of your collage:
only photos of which you own copyrights.
– minimum size: 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels.
quality photos: crisp, bright, etc.

After creating many collages, we have some tips to submit:
– choose photos with life and expressions instead: this will make your collage even more alive and attractive.
avoid motionless photos and prefer those taken on the sharp.
– provide varied photos: person, situation, atmosphere, location, detail, etc.
do not send similar photos unless it’s your choice: you may find them all on the collage.
select some essential photos for your eyes to be sure to see them on your collage.

During your transfer, we offer you the possibility to classify 10% of the total photos required for the dimension you have chosen in a specific folder that you will name “required”. All photos that will be there will necessarily be on your collage.

When you have finished selecting your photos, it will be time to place your order.

Once the payment of your order is confirmed, we will automatically create a project on our creation interface called This will be our forum to discuss about your project and we will answer all your questions. It is through this tool that you will communicate the link to download your photos and the choice of your background color if you have decided not to select black.

Please note that all the steps of your order will be visible in your customer account on our website and on my.efotix.

To create the link to retrieve your photos, we suggest you use a well-known website that is none other than WeTransfer. Here is how to proceed:
– Go to the website:
– Enter after replace # by @ in “Send to”.
– Enter your email address in “Your email address”.
Enter the number of your order in the “Message” field.
– Add your photos, either by clicking on “Add your files” then select your photos, or by dragging and dropping all your photos on “Add your files”.
– Click on the “Transfer” button.
– Check that the transfer has been achieved successfully. You must receive an email from WeTransfer confirming it.

All the photos you have transmitted will be deleted upon receipt and confirmation of the compliance of your collage.

Sélection et transfert de vos photos
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Control and creation

As soon as we have uploaded all your photos, our teams will check them and verify that they fulfill all the conditions to achieve a quality collage:
number of photos required for the chosen size.
minimum format of photos.
quality of the photos.
– respect of the maximum number of photos in the “required” file.

If we find that your selection of photos does not comply with these conditions, your order will be suspended, and we will return to you via my.efotix. so that you can send us another selection or cancel your order.

If your order is validated by our teams, its status will become “In process” which means that it has just been taken into account and is being produced by one of our designers.

From that moment, we commit ourselves to deliver your collage within 4 weeks maximum. It is possible that this can be done more quickly and that’s what we wish you.

When your collage is created, we will move on to the next step of printing. As mentioned in paragraph 3, all our photo collages are printed and supervised by our specialized partner, WhiteWall. We manage the entire relationship with this partner as well as monitoring the production of your piece.

The status of your order will change to “Being manufactured”.

Contrôle et création
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Delivery and reception

© Copyright WhiteWall - Glossy canvas on stretcher frame

When your photo collage will be printed and framed if you chose this option when ordering, it will then be shipped by our partner WhiteWall.

Each collage is wrapped in a protective envelope. The Art-Security packaging is cut and folded by CNC machines, and thus always adapts to the individual format of your piece. The edges of your collage are protected by polystyrene. For larger sizes, WhiteWall adds custom-made wood packaging.

WhiteWall then sends a shipment certified by UPS, FedEx or TNT depending on the country of delivery.

This is also why we chose this partner because the quality of its packages and its carriers ensure a delivery without any issue.

Your order will then change to “In Delivery” status. You will receive a tracking link in order to follow the progress of the delivery of your package.

When you receive your collage, it is essential for you to carefully check your piece while the delivery man is still with you. Despite all the precautions taken by our partner, we all know that no one is safe from mishandling on the part of a carrier.

Even if the package from an outside seems to have taken no hits, you will need to open it with the delivery man to check that your collage hasn’t been damaged. If this is not the case, you will simply have to refuse it so that the delivery man immediately takes back your package. It is not necessary to indicate on a delivery note any comments regarding the delivery if you do not specify the damage immediately.

Do not miss this step for any reason and be sure to carefully control your collage. We will not be able to do anything for you if you notice, a posteriori, that your collage was damaged during the transportation.

This last step will close your order which will go into “Completed” status and your forum on my.efotix. will be closed.

You can finally hang your collage on your wall because all our pieces have an integrated suspension. Be careful to fix it with a fastener strong enough to carry the weight of your work to avoid any fall that would not be taken into account by our service. We do not deal with damage caused by misuse or manipulation by our customers.

Take advantage now of your collage with those around you and do not forget to share your experience by leaving a comment and a rating.

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