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Looking for a creative idea to make a gift to your loved ones or decorate your home? Do you lack inspiration to create your own custom photo collage?
Find below our articles on photo jumbles that can help you in your reflection.
Know that, whatever the picture that you will assign us, it will become a real object of design for your interior which will delight any person who will contemplate it.

The photo collage, a great customized gift

Posters, canvas, reproductions adorn the walls and offer the possibility of a personalized decoration. But nothing like a collage of photos to get a picture that fully fits you. It is therefore an ideal gift to offer or to get for yourself because it is created in the image of the person who will receive it. It will be particularly appreciated for the time spent in its creation but also for the real piece of art it will become. [+]

Use image banks to create your custom photo collage

You want to create a photo collage on a specific theme but unfortunately you do not have the necessary photos. It does not matter, solutions exist with banks of free and paid images on the internet. There are many that offer images on all possible topics. You will find images of excellent quality that will allow you to create your custom photo collage according that fulfill your expectations.[+]

Travel photo collage: a journey of escape added to your interior decoration

You are a real explorer and, although your travels will forever be engraved in your memory, you want to materialize them so that they take a unique dimension and be part of your interior decoration? Then it seems that the custom photo collage is the solution that you need! [+]

A colleague departure: the photo collage is a perfect group gift

When an office colleague leaves the company it is often the opportunity to organize a party, but also to think of a gift that would please him/her. To get out of the ordinary and offer a lasting memory, why not choose to offer a custom photo collage? [+]

Decorate your corridor or entrance with a photo collage

Your entrance and corridors are frequent transit points. Decorate your entrance with a photo collage to assert your style from the first step home. As for the corridors, they offer wide spaces to expose your most beautiful memories. The custom photo collage will perfectly suite all your walls with elegance and originality. [+]

Choosing the culinary theme for its photo collage

Gastronomy is in the spotlight with a resurgence of TV shows on the subject. What’s better than a custom photo collage on the culinary theme to decorate your kitchen or dining room? If you have a restaurant or a fast food restaurant, a mixture of culinary delights will appetite your customers while adding a touch of decoration to your interior. [+]

The photo collage on sport: in action!

If the best moments of your life are associated with your favorite sports team, if you have spent days and nights watching your favorite sport, then do not hesitate to immortalize these precious memories. The collage photo on sport can gather nearly 500 photos that trace in one picture a sporting activity, a specific tournament or the course of a football club. [+]

Bring new life to your home by betting on a custom photo collage

Your decoration is insipid? Looking for a unique idea to bring warmth to your home? We offer you the custom photo collage, real piece of art to exhibit on your walls in the room of your choice, and which will seduce you while sublimating your interior. [+]

Choose the photo collage for a teenager’s room

If you are looking for a gift idea for a teenager, think of the photo collage. Teens are at an age when parents are taking a back seat and friends are taking up more space. Your teenager certainly has hobbies, fads or passions. Get inspired to make sure to please him. If it is well done, your photo collage, as a unique gift will naturally find its place on the walls or in the room of your teenager. [+]

The photo collage of his/her wedding: for life!

You had dreamed of it, you organized everything, everything was planned and the day was finally over. What’s left of the best day of your life, other than the precious memories? How about putting them together in one picture? Let yourself be tempted by this unique experience, entrust us with all the strong images of your wedding and you will have a piece of art that keeps up with this event so dear to your heart. [+]

How to decorate your child’s room with a photo collage?

Your child, full of energy and joie de vivre, continues to amaze and move you. You never tire of her/his mimic, watching him/her laugh, dance, play or do her/his show. These tender moments give you so much emotion that you wish them to be eternal. Or you just want to make her/him happy with all his friends, his/her favorite activity or any other subject that she/he particularly likes. Then think of the photo collage! [+]