Aluminum frame

The custom made aluminum frame is a good way to showcase your collage in an original way. It is available only for poster prints.

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The aluminum frame

Jumbles exposed in an aluminum frame naturally find their place in contemporary spaces. For clarity, special attention is paid to the edges of the frame which are further reinforced by additional rivets on the large images. The frame has a thickness of 10mm with a depth of 20mm. The image is secured by a 2.5mm thick hardfibre board on its underside and a flat glass plate with rounded edges on its place.

Available colors

The aluminum frame is available in 2 different colors: black or silver.

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SILVER© Copyright WhiteWall - Cadre aluminium argent © Copyright WhiteWall - Cadre aluminium argent


Suspensions and frame size

Each order is delivered with hanging suspensions in order to be installed as soon as unpacking. The minimum size for the standard aluminum frame is 60x50cm and its maximum size is 80x60cm.

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The ArtSecurity packaging

In order for your photo to be delivered without any issue, it will be protected by an ArtSecurity WhiteWall packaging. The latter is cut to size and folded by CNC machines to form a protective envelope around your collage. Your frame will be placed face down on a larger thick cardboard before being covered by a protective film. This allows to protect it on the corners and from any shock on the front. It will then be packed in a large and rigid cardboard box and blocked with polystyrene if necessary.
To send you jumbles larger than 100cm, the delivery will be in a wooden packaging made to measure as below.

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Here are some price examples for aluminum frames only available for poster printing.
(All taxes included)
– 60×50 cm : € 150
– 60×60 cm : € 175
– 70×50 cm : € 163
– 80×60 cm : € 190

Think of the aluminum frame to give a modern and sleek style to your collage.