Bring new life to your home by betting on a unique photo collage

Your decoration is insipid? Looking for a unique idea to bring warmth to your home? Choose your theme, send us your photos and we will create a unique custom photo collage to hang in the room of your choice and sublimate your interior.

Our concept is to gather in a custom frame a few hundred photos that represent precious moments for you. Thanks to a meticulous collage, and according to your desires and tastes, we deliver a magnificent picture bordered of a frame of your choice. You start by selecting from all your albums the photos that speak to you the most, that tell your story, and that you want to keep forever. These could include family photos, a wedding ceremony, your children, or any other special event.

Start by imagining the final work, its shape, its size, as well as the number of photos you want to use. Then draw in your phones, cameras and computers, sort out the images that matter to you and group them in one place.

Several formats and sizes are available, in order to satisfy all tastes. It is strongly recommended to think about the place, the room, the wall where the frame will be placed. This will determine its size, but also the photos you want to stick to it.

In a living room, the photo collage will do wonders, and it will be impossible not to notice it if you make a good choice. Choose a formats and a size that fits the wall space, and prefer a large size for this room. The larger the number of selected photos is, the better the final work will be in your living room.

The photo collage is not a classic frame, it is a decorative object in itself. Alone on a wall in the living room, it will be enough to sublimate the room.

For your living room, prefer family photos, which tell your story as an exciting film. Take different situations over the years; young children, then a little bigger, birthdays, key events … Do not forget anything, from your first meetings to your union, the first steps of the little one to his graduation, the princess parties at the first prom. There are many memories and we are here to make them eternal by creating a piece of art.

For a bedroom, you can choose more thematic photos, which tell a single story. A frame that talks about your daughter, like a book we flip through to read every page of her life, and decorate her room with magic. Otherwise a personal frame to pose proudly on the wall above the bed of a couple, where appear the highlights of their lives.

Otherwise imagine a photo collage created on a sports team, cinema or the favorite star of one of your children. Teenagers tend to hang posters that damage the walls and do not provide any decoration. This is an idea that can gather dozens of photos of a star in one frame, with a flawless finish and impeccable aesthetics. What decorate, sublimate the room and make the eyes of great children shine.

The custom photo collage is also ideal for decorating the wall of your entry, this place that you cross dozens of times a day. Take a suitable size, select the number of photos that suit you, and choose completely different life situations. Holidays, sea, and countryside photos will fullfil you with feelings of escape and relaxation every time you look at this picture.