Decorate your corridor or entrance with a photo collage

Your entrance and corridors are frequent transit points. Decorate your entrance with a photo collage to assert your style from the first step home. As for the corridors, they offer wide spaces to expose your most beautiful memories. The custom photo collage will perfectly suite all your walls with elegance and originality.

For your entrance

A photo collage posted in your lobby would be one of the first things seen when arriving home. Rather than storing coats, shoes or any other junk, why not dress these walls with a beautiful custom photo collage? It’s up to you to choose the theme that suits you best. If your family is one of your greatest pride, welcome your visitors with a multi-photos frame of your little tribe. You can also print photos, give them to your children to write their first name and a little word to welcome visitors before incorporing them into your collage. This way, any guest will become familiar with your family members without even having met them and be certain that it will have its small WAOUH effect.

If you are a regular traveler, make a colorful photo collage with your greatest travel memories, a real invitation to share those unforgettable moments. Choose the most inspiring photos or the most important monuments to impress your guests. Bring a zen atmosphere to your lobby by creating a photo collage made of nature pictures or Buddhist-inspired images, like close-ups of candles or water ripples. For a less personal decoration, put on a frame with landscapes of your area or which you particularly appreciate. Group your most beautiful panoramas on the same poster to make your visitors travel as soon as they enter. Create a contrast by including images of the sea, mountains, cities, by day or by night for a custom photo frame that holds attention. If you want to stay in the spirit of a modern design house, know that a photo collage with perspective views, with its lines and geometric shapes will bring a touch of contemporary and refreshing decoration.

Decorate your corridor

The corridors are very often crossed to reach the different rooms of your house and generally offer large spaces to decorate. This is ideal for displaying your most beautiful photos in a custom photo collage so that everyone, including you, can enjoy each crossing. You could tell beautiful stories and illustrate your best memories using both landscape and portrait formats. If the most beautiful photos will be found more often in the living room or in the dining room, you surely have a folder of photos that you like a lot but that you could not expose in these rooms because of the lack of space or interior decoration. Use these images to dress the walls of your corridor and group them by theme. For example, why not use one wall for your family photos and another for a trip or just create a very personal atmosphere?

The corridor is also the perfect place for your funniest photos: the nonsense of your children if it is close to their rooms or those of your pets for example. You can also create a photo collage with your friends at birthdays or parties to give a festive atmosphere.

Do not forget your corridors and lobby to expose your most beautiful photos in a custom collage, surprise your guests and share with them these unforgettable moments.