Photo printing on aluminium Dibond

With the aluminium Dibond photo print, your collage will impress with the sharpness of its outlines and its maximum resolution.

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The option of paper

Using the proven Durst Lambda exposure device, we reproduce your photo on Fujicolor Crystal DP II photo paper of the highest quality used for gallery prints, and then develop it using the traditional photochemical process. The paper has an incredibly range of wide color and is resistant to being archived for at least 75 years.

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The aluminum support and finishes

The printed image is laminated on a 3mm thick plate made of 2 white aluminum powder-coated aluminum plates, between which is a black polyethylene core. The composition of this plate makes it a support of great stability and does not twist. It is also very light, which allows easy installation and hooking of the finished product. The edges are CNC cut to meet the required dimensions. The photo print is then laminated in the laboratories of our partner. Their teams make sure beforehand that there is no dust, inclusions or cracks before putting the protective layer on the photo. This film of 70μm comes to provide protection against sunlight, but also against dirt and dust. The finish can be matte or brillant depending on your preferences.

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Sizes and frame

For this type of printing, the minimum size is 50x50cm and the maximum size is 180x120cm. All formats lying between the two are possible. To give more cachet and personality to your print, why not have it framed? Several types of frames are available and it will be according to your desires: modern with the aluminum ArtBox, a floating effect with the floater frame or a gallery effect with the ArtBox in solid wood or the gallery frame. You will also be able to choose the colors for some frames. Note that the suspensions are integrated into the frame for easy and fast hanging. Plastic hooks are installed on the parts of 50 to 100cm of side. Beyond 100cm, two continuous aluminum rails will be installed.

The ArtSecurity packaging

In order for your photo to be delivered without any issue, it will be protected by an ArtSecurity WhiteWall packaging. The latter is cut to size and folded by CNC machines to form a protective envelope around your collage. Your frame will be placed face down on a larger thick cardboard before being covered by a protective film. This allows to protect it on the corners and from any shock on the front. It will then be packed in a large, firm cardboard box and blocked with polystyrene if necessary.
To send you jumbles larger than 100cm, the delivery will be in a wooden packaging made to measure as below.

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Here are some examples of prices for photo prints on Aluminum Dibond.

Without frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 159
– 70×50 cm : € 240
– 90×60 cm : € 314
– 100×100 cm : € 460
– 120×80 cm : € 479
– 150×100 cm : € 733
Artbox in massive wood
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 193
– 70×50 cm : € 275
– 90×60 cm : € 354
– 100×100 cm : € 518
– 120×80 cm : € 538
– 150×100 cm : € 796
Gallery frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 207
– 70×50 cm : € 288
– 90×60 cm : € 369
– 100×100 cm : € 536
– 120×80 cm : € 555
– 150×100 cm : € 817
Floater frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 240
– 70×50 cm : € 325
– 90×60 cm : € 401
– 100×100 cm : € 568
– 120×80 cm : € 583
– 150×100 cm : € 851

For a durable, modern and economical support, think of the photo print on aluminum.