Photo printing under acrylic glass

Photo printing under acrylic glass provides an impressive visual appearance and optimum rendering of your collage.

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Paper and printing

For durable photo prints, the paper used is of the highest quality possible for a reasonable budget. The printing is done by laser exposure before being developed by the traditional process for colors and details that stand out faithful to the original. Thanks to this printing technique, gradients, saturation and contours are respected and the result is free from any smudging effect. The contrasts and finesse of the details are also an advantage. This standard, popular and cheap print has a lifespan of about 15 years.

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Support and sizes

The photo print is placed on a 3 mm Aluminum Dibond plate in the back support, held by a layer of silicone and a 2mm acrylic glass plate at the front. The metal plate provides strength for photo printing and also serves as a support for suspensions. It is made of two aluminum plates enclosing a polyethylene core, for a solid support, stable and very light. The glass plate, meanwhile, protects the image from scratches, dust and sunlight, while providing a beautiful depth. All standard sizes between 50x50cm and 120x120cm are available.

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Suspensions and frame

All acrylic photo prints are delivered with their suspensions on. These will simply vary according to the dimensions of your collage. For a size between 50 and 100cm, plastic hooks will be placed for hanging. Beyond 100cm, this will be aluminum rails. These suspension devices are all suitable with installation on rails. Once your order is delivered, you can directly hang on your collage easily thanks to its great lightness.
You can also add a frame to your collage which will certainly improve your interior decoration. You can choose from the ArtBox in aluminum, solid wood, the floater frame or the gallery frame. For some frames, you can also choose the color.

A flexibe support

This affordable support with a good sustainability is as appreciated by individuals as by companies or communities. This original print adds cachet to any room where it is hung. In decoration or corporate display, photo printing under acrylic glass pleases with its flexibility and resolutely modern rendering. As a gift for your customers, your suppliers or for your loved ones, this support will make a very good impression. Just do not forget the brilliance of this medium.

The ArtSecurity packaging

In order for your photo to be delivered without any issue, it will be protected by an ArtSecurity WhiteWall packaging. The latter is cut to size and folded by CNC machines to form a protective envelope around your collage. Your frame will be placed face down on a larger thick cardboard before being covered by a protective film. This allows to protect it on the corners and from any shock on the front. It will then be packed in a large and rigid cardboard box and blocked with polystyrene if necessary.
To send you jumbles larger than 100cm, the delivery will be in a wooden packaging made to measure as below.

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Here are some examples of prices for acrylic photo prints.

Without frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 166
– 70×50 cm : € 249
– 90×60 cm : € 327
– 100×100 cm : € 499
– 120×80 cm : € 513
Artbox in massive wood
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 226
– 70×50 cm : € 323
– 90×60 cm : € 421
– 100×100 cm : € 636
– 120×80 cm : € 654
– 150×100 cm : € 934
Gallery frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 240
– 70×50 cm : € 336
– 90×60 cm : € 436
– 100×100 cm : € 653
– 120×80 cm : € 672
– 150×100 cm : € 955
Floater frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 273
– 70×50 cm : € 372
– 90×60 cm : € 468
– 120×80 cm : € 699
– 150×100 cm : € 989

If you want to highlight your collage, opt for photo printing under acrylic glass. It is self-sufficient as an object of decoration but a frame can only bring him an additional effect of high quality.