Poster printing

Despite its apparent simplicity, standard poster printing has many advantages.

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Photo printing and sizes

After exposing each pixel of the photo paper to a high precision light beam, the development continues with the traditional photochemical process. Then comes the attachment and the support is washed of any residue before being dried. Laboratory plastification is carried out in a special unit where all dust particles are removed. In these conditions, our team ensures that no particles or air pockets come between the photo and the plastic film. The minimum size of the photo print is 50x50cm and its maximum size is 180x120cm. All standard formats between these two values ​​are available.

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The option of Premium paper

Photo paper in 135g / m² is particularly suitable for large format photo prints. Its robustness, its stability and its smooth aspect allow a clean, brilliant and a very faithful printing. Note that rendering of a print on this media is much greater than that on ordinary photo paper. Fujicor Professionnal Paper photo printing is the guarantee of a crisp, colorful print with the same details as the original. The thin, transparent lamination provides an extra layer of protection against UV rays and moisture.

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The optional frame

The frame of your photo printing is also available as an option. The aluminum frame is appreciated because of its modern and urban aesthetics, but also thanks to the protection it offers to the framed photo. Its frame is securely pressed and secured by screws. At the front, the frame comes with a reflective, washed and floated glass with softened corners. At the back, a 2,5mm thick hard fiber panel holds the photo in place. The version of the aluminum frame is 10mm for its width and 20mm for its depth. It is available in silver or black.


Here are some examples of prices for poster printings.

Without frame
(All taxes included)
– 50×50 cm : € 78
– 70×50 cm : € 119
– 90×60 cm : € 147
– 100×100 cm : € 228
– 120×80 cm : € 229
– 150×100 cm : € 311
Frame of 10mm in aluminum
(All taxes included)
– 60×50 cm : € 150€
– 70×50 cm : € 163€
– 80×60 cm : € 190€

Poster printing is the most affordable solution. You can either choose to frame it right away with the aluminum frame or do it later by yourself.