Send your photos

Envoyer mes photos pour mon pêle-mêle personnalisé efotix.
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In order not to waste time, we invite you to select your photos before ordering on our website.
We remind you that the payment will be charged immediately after your order and that the delivery times of 4 weeks only apply after the validation of your photos by our teams.

Select your photos

Do not underestimate this step because, if you want to get a collage with your best photos, you have to choose well and it takes a lot of time. It would be a shame to go too fast and be disappointed with your collage. Our designers will use your photos as they are and will not optimize them even if they are of poor quality: blurry, backlight, red eyes, etc.

Here are the conditions to be met for you to add your photos:
– only photos of which you have the copyrights.
– minimum size: 1000 pixels x 1000 pixels.
– quality photos: clear, bright, etc.

Here are our tips:
– choose photos illustrating lifetimes, with faces: this will make your collage more alive and attractive.
– avoid photos taken in the stillness and prefer those taken on the movement.
– provide various photos: portrait, situation, atmosphere, places, etc.
– do not send similar photos unless it is done on purpose: you may find them on the collage.
– select some essential photos to be sure to see them on your collage.

We remind you that some photos you send us will not be used. We have to ask you more photos than what will be used to allow our designers to assemble them in an harmonious way.

If you have photos that you absolutely want to have on your collage, we offer you the option to select 10% of the total photos required for the dimension you have chosen. Just create a specific folder that you will name ‘required’ and drag in your essential photos. Only the photos in this folder will be taken into account by our teams.

When you have finished selecting your photos, you will need to send us a link so that we can download them all. We suggest you use a well-known site that is called WeTransfer to perform this step.


– Go to the website :
– Enter your email address in “Your email address”.
Enter your order number in the “Message” field.
– Add your photos, either by clicking on “Add your files” then select your photos, or by dragging and dropping all your photos on “Add your files”.
– Click on the “Transfer” button.
– Check that the transfer is completed otherwise renew the operation. You should receive an email of confirmation.

We thank you in advance for gathering all your photos in one transfer. If not, our team may ask you to make a new transfer.

Next step: validation of your photos

As soon as we have uploaded all your photos, our teams will check them and verify that they meet all the conditions to achieve a quality collage. If they don’t, we will get back to you via our my.efotix project interface.