The photo collage of his/her wedding: for life!

You had dreamed of it, you organized everything, everything was planned and the day was finally over. What’s left of the best day of your life, other than the precious memories? How about putting them together in one picture? Let yourself be tempted by this unique experience, entrust us with all the strong images of your wedding and you will have a piece of art that keeps up with this event so dear to your heart.

A wedding is made of so many moments! Between the ceremony, the reception, the cocktail and the moments of happyness, the images are flying around and are not alike. During the ceremony, everyone takes pictures. There is the official photographer, but also all the guests, the family members, the friends … So the pictures are everywhere, on cameras and on phones, but this day was yours and you do not want to waste any!

With our concept of custom photo collage, you have the possibility to gather up to 500 images on the same picture. It’s a unique and original way to live your ceremony again every day, as if it was yesterday. Start by selecting the snapshots, taking all the time needed for this step, and giving it the attention it deserves. Take the craziest pictures, the ones that best describe the emotions you’ve felt, and that have made this day such a memorable step in your life. Do not hesitate to sort it out in two, in order not to forget certain details that may be important to your partner.

Do not forget any detail, the beautiful dress, the costume, the wedding rings, the moment of the wishes, guests who are celebrating, parents, friends, and all that can sum up this unique event. Once this step is over, we will discuss your project together, paying a special attention to your wishes and the result you want.

It is also a very nice gift idea for a newlywed couple, whether they are your friends, your children, or your family members. Go visit them in their new cozy nest, and bring with you a big surprise that will amaze them. This is a project that has to be carefully prepared, if you want it to have such an effect on the bride and groom.

Contact those who were there during the ceremony, and ask them the photos from their phones or devices. Gather all this and make your selection, the more situations will be different the more the photo collage will be a success. Then tell us how you want it all, and our team will guide you to make your gift the most amazing. Be certain that by presenting this gift, their eyes will shine with happiness and emotion, remembering this so special day. In addition to the sentimental aspect of this work, it will also have its place as a decorative object, design and modern.