Travel photo collage: a journey of escape added to your interior decoration

You are a real explorer and, although your travels will forever be engraved in your memory, you want to materialize them so that they take a unique dimension and be part of your interior decoration? Then it seems that the custom photo collage is the solution that you need!

Have you ever dreamed of being able to relive those unforgettable moments that define a stay spent abroad? The discovery of another culture, exotic landscapes, new people, another way of seeing and apprehending the world, etc.

Snapshots of your trips that you have immortalized through your camera or smartphone are not eternal and are bound to disappear one day; like the photos you store on your computer. Why not change these digital photos into real physical memories that you can proudly display in your living room?

A photo collage frame is the ideal solution to highlight the great moments of your life and mix them with your decoration. What is better in terms of personal decoration than your own holiday pictures? Indeed, an indelible trace of your adventures will stay on your walls and you will be able to remember them every day. That will maybe even give you the idea to leave again and capture other unforgettable moments! Going and discovering a brand new destination to come back with new stories to tell and enlarge your wall of images and escape…

A  photo collage is 100% customizable and that’s what makes its greatest strength! You can choose to gather photos of one destination, or to mix all your trips on a single collage. Your creativity is being used because you will choose the content of your work! Pictures of you alone, with your friends, your spouse/husband or your family … it’s up to you!

You can pick a selection of photos from every place you have visited to hang a different collage in every room of your home: a photo collage on your Australian tour in the living room, a collage about your best moments in Egypt in the kitchen, etc. You can also make thematic photo collage mixing several trips: your hikes in the jungle and the desert, the monuments you have visited, the local gastronomy …!

Your photos will also reach another dimension because you will finally be able to share them with your guests who will not be able to avoid to contemplate your new custom photo collage. Not to mention that you will make many jealous and envious for the good idea that you have to dust off your photos by exposing them as a true piece of art!