How to decorate your child’s room with a photo collage?

Your child, full of energy and joie de vivre, continues to amaze and move you. You never tire of her/his mimic, watching him/her laugh, dance, play or do her/his show. These tender moments give you so much emotion that you wish them to be eternal. A child grows up so fast, transforms and evolves and you have only one wish: to memorize forever the milestones of this little angel on a custom photo collage.

From the first steps to giggles, to the sweet hugs and birthdays, you took everything in photo, without losing a single detail. Your phone, your partner’s phone, and your camera are full with photos of your little one. Thanks to our unique concept, we propose to gather all this in a beautiful picture that retraces at a glance these moments.

In a custom frame, from which you will choose all the details, our team will arrange with the greatest care the photos you supply. The result is a grandiose patchwork, imposing and full of tender memories. It’s up to you to choose the size, the format, the background colors, those of the frame, the material, as well as the type of printing. We will do the rest. Imagine this piece of more than 1 meter wide, which decorates the wall of the room with all the magic it releases.

Make him/her a nice surprise by decorating the wall with a collage of his/her photos with his favorite pet. This adorable doggie who has been there since his/her birth and who has accompanied him/her in his evolution, they have lived so many moments together both! This is an object that will decorate his/her world, while tracing his beautiful story with his/her animal.

With mom, dad, brothers and sisters or boyfriends, collect the memories in a frame that will sublimate the room.

No more multiple photo frames of all colors, not easy to arrange and put on the wall. No more holes in the wall, and no more using of ingenuity to align frames of all shapes. No more photos lying on the dresser, or the other furnitures in the room which are not highlighted and have no harmony with the rest of the room. Make a unique photo collage, infinitely customizable and that can match the atmosphere of the room without too many efforts.

As you probably know, the individual picture frames of the little ones end up getting lost with time. They are often buried in souvenir boxes and no one looks at them once the years pass.

The idea of ​​a single picture with hundreds of photos at the same time is both useful, original and incredibly smart. This piece beautifully decorates the room, and it is impossible not to notice it. Each member of the family can find a little of himself, remember a unique situation, through the film told by this patchwork of photos.

Not only is the collage a decorative object, but it is also timeless. You can keep it indefinitely, even after several years, your little one grown up will be able to take it to his new home. Thus, family memories are perpetuated, transmitted and not lost.