The photo collage, a great customized gift

Posters, canvas, reproductions decorate the walls and offer the possibility of decorating at your image. But nothing like a custom  photo collage to get a picture that fully suits you. It is the ideal gift to offer or to get for yourself. Some important moments of life are special occasions to mark a milestone. Photos are there to remember thoses moments.

After a trip, use your prints to be able to display your most beautiful memories, choose your favorite photos, the monuments or the best moments of your holidays to have them in front of you after your return and to create a space of serenity. It’s a great gift for family members like grandparents.

A wedding is of course a unique opportunity to take pictures. In addition to the official pictures made by a professional, use the photos taken by the guests to create a more intimate picture that will remind you of the unexpected little anecdotes that made these events so charming. You can also create a custom photo collage for the person who invited you, using your photos taken at the wedding or birthday. Feel free to invite other guests to create a bigger picture!

Children grow up quickly, a photo collage of their first days with some additional images of pregnancy is a perfect picture to offer grandparents or to keep for yourself to remember these great moments. It will fit perfectly in the decoration of a room or an entrance. A black frame will bring a touch of modernity and leave plenty of room for images.

The family and its parties is a daily source of inspiration for photos. All photo jumbles are possible to rethink moments of sharing and happiness. But there are many other opportunities to take photos. A bachelor/bachelorette party is another great opportunity to make a surprise together with a group of friends.

If you have just renovated your home, why not make a ‘before / after’ photo layout to keep track of all the changes and efforts?

For a retirement, a custom photo frame with a collage of photos including work tools, buildings and colleagues can be a thoughtful and moving gift.

It is also quite possible to make a photo collage not by theme, but by color. This brings another look at an event or hobby and goes well with the rest of the ornament of the room in which it will be installed. This can be a beautiful decoration gift since it is a real object of design for anyone who appreciates his/her interior.

The advantage of the efotix. photo collage is that it is always customized. Whether it is to offer or to keep for yoursef, it always has a special meaning and a special place in the house. It holds memories, a slice of life or a passion. The person who receives it as a gift knows that it was done thinking of her which adds a particular emotion. If it has be made for yourself, it’s a way to remember good times and enjoy them day after day.