Use image banks to create your photo collage

You want to create a photo collage on a specific theme but unfortunately you do not have the necessary photos. It does not matter because solutions exist like the banks of free and paid images on the internet. There are many that offer images on all possible topics. You will find excellent quality images that will allow you to create your efotix. photo collage according to your tastes.

Unsplash is an example of a copyright-free and high-resolution images bank. With ten new photos added every ten days, sorted by thematic, the website allows the use of images available for commercial and non-commercial purposes, without required authorization. There are various categories of photos with a permanent esthetic concern: landscapes and nature, animals, art, clichés of cities and architecture, family, clothes, office life, moments of life that can illustrate a particular state of mind (romance, diversity, faith, discoveries etc.).

Pixabay is another image bank that originally intended its photos exlusively to a paying use. Currently, free images for commercial or non-commercial purposes are available to create photo collage with excellent resolutions images and copyright-free. Photographers share their works of great quality: business, crafts, computers, places and monuments, nature, health, science, travel, education, religion and many others. In short, major themes taken from different angles.

There are many others such as Shutterstock, Dreamstime, Adobe Stock, etc.

For those who want to create a collage on a unique theme related to a particular room of the house, there are also websites with specific themes. FoodiesFeed publishes for example only photos related to gastronomy at large: recipes, dinners, fruits and vegetables, spices, vegetable gardens, cheeses, etc. This is the perfect website to make a custom photo collage for your kitchen.

Feel free to type “best image banks” on Google to find many articles that will offer you a wide choice of photographic image banks.

For websites with paying images, by suscribing with other persons, you could benefit from many photos at a lower cost. For 750 images, the monthly subscription formulas range from 159 to 339 euros, depending on the size. And you do not need the largest photo format for your collage. A photo larger than 1000×1000 pixels is enough to lower your costs or to buy more images.

Precautions for the copyright of the photos used in your collage

You will see that the image banks indicate when photos are copyright-free. This means that you will only have to pay for one image once and then you can use it as many times as you want, with a few exceptions. In other words, there is no fee except the upfront fee and no other fee payable except those included in the package.

The high resolution images you download can be used to create artistic images, inside of a collage for personal use, websites, TV programs, for educational projects, in magazines, newspapers , books or booklets, book covers, advertising pamphlets, in any other advertising and promotional material, may be printed or used in electronic media, as long as the article in which the image appears does not conflict with the restrictions named below.

For website templates, greeting cards or postcards specifically designed for sale, or for quick printing, for canvas printing, t-shirts, mugs, mouse mats or any other article using the images predominantly for sale or for distribution free of charge, are considered resale (if the image is predominantly used) and can not be used with the regular copyright-free license. In this case, you will need to use an authorization with an extended license that will give you the right to do so.

If you use your photos, remember that a photo that portrays a person, gives them the right to their image. You can use it privately but in no case in the context of resale except if you have her/his consent.

You understand, you can do the custom photo collage of your choice thanks to all these images available in all image banks. Let your imagination run wild to create a unique piece of art that will sublimate your home decoration and amaze all your guests.